Step by step with patients

Admission Processes:

Step One:       Submitting the physician’s order letter for hospitalization, and admitting arrangement

Step Two:       Refering to the Cashier

Step Three:    Transferring the Birth Certificate or the valid ID card for filing

Step Four :     Filling the necessary consent applications

Step Five :      Determining of relevant ward and bed by assistance of the Admission

Step Six  :       Issuing the accompanied card upon patient’s request by assistance of the Admission

Step Seven:   Fixing the ID Bracelets on patient’s hand

Step Eight :    Approving patient’s ID and his/her companions by the Admission responsible in charge

Step Nine :     Delivering the Health Bag of Ebn e Sina Hospital for patient’s comfort by Admission

Step Ten :       Transferring Patient to the desired ward by assistance of “ Welcome Nurse”



Discharge Processes:

Step One:      Issuing permission letter of the physician to represent the patient’s leave, since

                       Without physician’s order is impossible.

Step Two:     Filling the Patient’s file by the relavant department, and the secretary in charge presents

                       The patient’s file to Discharge department.

Step Three:  Calling from Hospital Fund department to the patient’s room to accelerate discharge


Step Four :   Educating the patients  by related department nurses to prepare them for home cares

Step Five:     Removing the needle (catheter)

Step Six :      Submitting permission letter of the physician to the Nursing and Security departments by    

                       the patient’s accompanist

Step Seven :  Discharging of the patient by the assistance of a nurse assist







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