Quality Improvement

Tasks of the office of Quality Improvement:


  1. Hospital Stategic Plan codification by the leading of Executive Management TeamDetermine and distributing of the Hospital's Mission Statement in different units of the hospital
  2. Plan codification for pervasive Quality Improvement of clinical and non-clinical hospital issues (management, finance, medical services, nursing services, public services and support, laboratory services)
  3. Coordination and integration of Quality Improvement activities at hospital
  4. Constant monitoring on the Quality Improvement, datas, tasks, and management interventions through indiactor analysis
  5. System codification and hospital processes on the basis of designed Quality Improvement principles
  6. Developing special important indicators which can be measurable, achievable and long duration for several processes of the hospital
  7. Preparing an annual report on the Quality Improvement plan of the hospital
  8. Annual activity plan codification, develop and integration of Quality Improvement to promote patient’s safety regarding Accreditation pattern
  9. Approval in principle policies and receive the feed back from different units of the hospital
  10. Monitoring on the process, and implementation of policies to consider suggestions, criticisms and complaints at the hospital
  11. Coordinating of holding the hospital Committees, and tracking the implementation of approved articles
  12.  Announcement and coordination on conducting the clinical practice guidelines in different hospital units
  13.  Monitoring the process of patient care from admission to hospital discharge, and checking " Patient satisfaction" of the hospital services





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