Management of Human Resources (HRM) and Public Relations

The field of Personnel management is on the same level of management, but it has changed and evolved naturally. At the moment the turning point of this changing and evolution is mentined Human Resource Management instead of personnel management.

Since Human Resources Management considers new extensive approaches towards principles and concepts of personnel management

Human Resource Management focuses on policies, conducts, and systems which influence the behavior, attitudes, and function of the employees.

In total, Human Resource Management is the strategic approach of attraction, improvement, management, motivation and achieve the key resourses commitment, for those who work in or work for it, and consists of four different tasks as follow: Attraction, Development, Motivation, and Retaining human Resouses.

Human Resource Management means Management Organization

The purpose of Human Resource Management policies and proceedings required to conduct a part of the management task which depends on the personnel activity concepts, particularly on field of recruitment, staff training, performance evaluatin, act of rewarding or grading services, creating a fair and healthy environment for the staffs that for instance, these above mentioned policies and proceedings include the following cases:


  1. Job Analysis (Specifying the nature of work for each staff) / Human Resource Planning and Recruitment
  2. Selection of the eligible volunteers, and training for new hired staffs
  3.  Management of Salaries (Compensation of staff duties)
  4. Motivation and Benefits / Performance evaluatin / Communication with Staffs (Interviews, Consulting and Disciplinary regulations accomplishement)
  5. Human Resource Development and Training / Committed staffs for the organization /  The office of Quality Improvement and Accreditation
  6. The above mentioned office is located on the west wing of the sixth floor under the direct supervision of Management of the hospital.
  7. The two units of Accreditation of hospital and Clinical supervision belong to the office of Quality Improvement and conduct their duties to promote the clinical services and patient’s safety along with the goals of Ministry of Health.


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