Nursing Management

This office is located on the seventh floor of Ebn e Sina Hospital.  The Nursing office staffs are as follow: Nursing management, educational and clinical supervisors, head nurses, nurse, nurse assistant,and nurse aid, Anesthesia technicians, and technicians of operating room.Necessary to mention that The Nursing office works with the other staffs in some shifts as  a supervisors too.

Managing on the total quantity of  nursing  services via designing the main key processes in nursing, monitoring and evaluating the check list assessment, all done as a team working group in the nursing office.

Nursing office, should accomplish tasks, safety and ethical treatment of  the noted objectives and strategies of  Ebn e Sina hospital as a discipline priority and perfom the duties with perfectin to ensure presenting an accurate scheduale, safe, and qualified services to meet the patient’s needs.

 Nursing office informs all the results of studies regularly via the clinical supervisors, and check them according to the schedule, and control the quality of nursing services in the wards.

Then the educational needs of staffs will be planned and performed as it is schedualed into organizational internal training courses (internal or external) and non organizational on the basis of these studies, and survey of their attitudes.

Nursing Management Office: Mrs.A.Sadat Mir Fakhraei.

The main key processes of Nursing Management include:

Assessment management (control)

Education Management- Evaluation Management- Planning Management

All these processes will be follow up in the nursing office regulary, and their implementation in the wards will be monitored.

Based on these assessments and also PDF forms all educational needs of staff nurses will be recognized and some training course such as external training courses for the staff will be implemented.

All new staff nurses upon arrival become familiar with general and specialized views, responsibilities and also regulations of the hospital through classes and workshops which on basis of these education courses their tasks will be defined to perform.

Nursing management office welcome to hear comments, suggestions, critics, and experiences of nursing personnel.

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