Hospital Administration

Ebne Sina Hospital Adminstration is located on the seventh floor and Mr.Asghar Abolhasani is Specialist Nursing, and responsible for Hospital Administration.


The duties of Hospital Adminstration are as follows:


  1. Completer supervision, responsibility and, coordination of hospital administration
  2. Hospital guidance to perform the approved scheduals
  3. Coordinating and observing the performance of medical equipment wards, hospital installations and Administrative departments
  4. Attending at the meetings of managers, administrative change, training, hospital committees and other related issues.
  5. Policy determination and supervising on its implementation
  6. Obtaining policies, operating instructions, and receiving a general plan from the manager of the hospital
  7. Implementation and coordination regarding the hospital standards
  8. Providing the reports based on the activities, and problems of hospital units with the proposal, and also an effective solution for hospital administration
  9. Coordinating and directing the activites of all units under the supervison
  10. Sharing the tasks among the authorities and provide guiding and training
  11. Taking the necessary measures, presenting basic strategies to promote motivation, planning reward or punishment among the staffs
  12. Monitoring the performance of all units of under the supervision
  13. Participating in the meetings related to the headquarters, and the university deputies  
  14. Managing surveyance the complaints of patients and their accompanies regarding the personnel under the supervision, and visiting different units regularly
  15. Evaluating the human resources monthly and annualy
  16. Coordinating with hospital matrons in health sectors and other relevant units
  17. Coordinating and follow-up to demand a plaque property, supplies, repairs, and fix the related devices
  18. Observing the quality of an appropriate cleaning, and hospital hygiene
  19. Following the personnel welfare
  20. Following the patients satisfaction, clients, colleagues and family  
  21. Monitoring on well performance staffs in different levels at work
  22. Considering the work flow efficiency in all units of under supervision
  23. Issuing the necssary instructions to coordinate among the units
  24. Organizing of relavant activities, division’s labor, duty determinations, responsibility limitations and other options under the supervision
  25. Conducting issue of the instructions and related criterias
  26. Considering on budget regulation of the related units
  27. Attending in seminars, committees and preparing reports to the higher authority or superior officer
  28. Studying on the staff’s working hours, providing plans of working hours based on the type, quantity of activities and monitoring the implementation of prepared projects available in units
  29. Collecting the related information to the total needs of hospital’s building, equipment supplying and reconstruction of the hospital and preparing reports to the higher authority or superior officer
  30. Considering and observing the consumable goods, supplying food store, and planning and purchasing the goods, distribution, maintenance, and controlling the accurate use of equipments
  31. Making Scheduale for short and long-term planning of hospital and medical care activities based on their facilities where it is essential in order to ease the patient’s admission
  32. Performing other duties and tasks as directed by superior officer









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