Operating room

Ebne Sina Hospital’s Surgery ward consists of 4 active operating rooms which are equipped with advanced equipments of the world that as a specialized section includes varieties of surgery fields such as ENT surgery, kidney surgery, gynecology, plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, and other surgeries performed by skilled and experienced surgeons of this section.

The best famous brands of surgery equipments in the world which are used at the surgery ward of this hospital, and applied to improve the operation with some special equipments which are rare at the moment and include Prostate laser, laser lipolysis, hemorrhoids, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, microscope and dental units for dental restorative procedures.

Ebn-e-Sina surgery section, consisting 4 active operating rooms, equipped with advanced technological appliance instrument which covers tens types of surgeries as a specialty section.

In this section, different types of surgeries such as ear surgery, nose and throat, kidney, orthopedics, gynecology, reconstructive and aesthetic and etc, are performed by skilled and experienced physicians.

Some of this equipment is Prostate laser, Laser lipolysis, Hemorrhoids, Laparoscopy, arthroscopy, microscopy and Dental unit for Dental restorative procedures.


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