As far as the Endoscopic surgical procedures in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases perform in all over developed centers nowadays widely, Ibn Sina Hospital scopy ward gastroenterology and Endoscopy by the assistance of capable physicians and experienced staffs, and the most modern medical equipment such as Olympus endoscopic device series 180 NBI capability is ready to supply health care services along with digestive checkups within 24 hours for respected patiensts. Furthermore, this ward is inaugurated, and located on the ground floor since July 2011 for easier access of clients and patients.

Specialty Sections of Ebn-e-Sina Hospital such as scope Clinic,

Equipped with capable Gastroenterologist & Specialty Nursery Staff beside up to dated medical equipment such as Olympus NBI, is ready to present periodical medical capable of 180 Series Checkup in boarding form

Different types of digestive treatments performed are as follow:

  1. Endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum
  2. Colonoscopy colon
  3. Removal of bile duct stones and bile duct sphincterotomy and stenting
  4. Hemorrhoid treatment with laser
  5. Gastric balloon weight loss
  6. Polypectomy
  7.  Mark Pegg
  8. Liver biopsy
  9. Control of bleeding from the stomach and duodenum
  10. Bandlygasyvn esophageal varices
  11. Bandlygasyvn hemorrhoids
  12. Balloon dilation of the esophagus and achalasia
  13. Balloon dilatation of the duodenum
  14. Checkups upper and lower gastrointestinal system
  15. Treatment of Fatty Liver

Necessary to mentione that Ebn e Sina Hospital  Endoscopic ward  is equipped with modern advanced equippments to provide services for the patients with heart problems who are faced with digestive and lung problems, and due to  possessing of  advanced monitoring systems with the assistance of  anesthesia  experienced team provides the possibility of serving to the high-risk heart desease patients.


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