Ebne Sina hospital's ( ICU ) ward consist of 10 active beds structured based on the latest national and international standard levels, and it is equipped with the most advanced medical technologies and care facilities for patients in critical conditions that managed by specialists in intensive care  

All employed staffs and nurses in ICU, are well trained and updated their knowledge skills for caring the patients constantly and and all physicians work 24 hours per day actively.

Responsible to manage the critical problems of ICU patients, and to consult with other divisions to decide critically ill patients

Special Equipments include:

Central Ventilator, Central monitoring of vital signs with the ability of critical time recording , Pumps syringe for injection – Curling Mattress- Warmer blanket- Parient’s lift – ECG EKG machine, Electric shock- Special beds

Isolation room in accordance with international scientific standards for patients with special beds –Preparatory Room for patients with Non-oral feeding 

Designed & adopted by the last national standards & respecting international principles

These two special care sections are equipped to update new appliance with regards to critical situation management and managing by specialist & proficient team all staff who involves these sections is engaged to attend reminding, retraining, reviewing and new regarding tech courses such as Updating therapeutic skills & hospitalized patient care and they stick an active role during 24 hours a day... ICU section is equipped with ECG, DC shock, portable suction, infusion pump and 10 Echocardiograph, sonography, portable radiology and central oxygen beside an isolated room. special ICU beds with following features such as ventilator, monitoring, suction.


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